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A Wide Range of Deep Expertise
Together, our hospitals care for an animal’s total well-being. That’s thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience that you bring — whether in canine, feline, avian, equine or exotic care. 
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Meet Our Leaders in Excellence
Within Thrive Pet Healthcare is our community of partner hospitals who provide exceptional and individualized care to meet an animal’s specialty needs. 
Leaders in veterinary eye care, our experts offer unparalleled care, comprehensive education, and a deep understanding to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.
Specializing in a range of disciplines, and emergency care working together to tackle complex and critical medical cases.
Fighting pet cancer with advanced technology, veterinary oncology specialists and true compassion.
Improving the quality of pets' lives through compassionate and courteous specialized animal dermatological care.
Treating all aspects of oral health for pe, including oral surgery, root canal therapy, periodontal surgery and metal crown restorations. 
Top oncologists, veterinarians, RVTs & staff committed to enhancing pet cancer care.
Specializing in advanced critical care, 24/7 emergency care, and specialty services for the sickest pets.

Specialty Directors Across the Board

Consider them your go-to resources. Each of our board-certified specialty
directors are here to bring their respective communities together and offer support
and guidance to you should you ever need. 
Anthea Schick,
Dr. Schick, a California native, shifted from environmental biology at UC Berkeley to veterinary medicine, earning her DVM from Cornell University. Later, she was offered a residency at Dermatology for Animals (D4A), becoming part-owner in 2009. Dr. Schick has authored numerous research papers and provides continuing education in animal dermatology, and was named President of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology in 2022. Living in Tempe, Arizona with her family and pets, Dr. Schick still loves outdoor activities. On the Specialty Directors Board, she focuses on mentoring new dermatologists, students and residents while fostering a supportive work environment.
Diagnostic Imaging
Brian Poteet,
Starting in human medicine as a nuclear medicine technologist, Dr. Poteet then graduated in veterinary science from Texas A&M University and completed a radiology residency at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He headed Diagnostic Imaging at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in Houston for over 15 years. In 2010, Dr. Poteet founded VitalRADS, a Thrive partner, and now serves as President, leading a multidisciplinary team specializing in radiology, cardiology, dentistry, and neurology. On the Specialty Directors Board, Dr. Poteet is committed to training and mentoring both new and experienced veterinary radiologists,
Emergency Services
Anthony R. Coronado,

Dr. Coronado, a University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign veterinary school graduate, started in general practice before his passion for emergency medicine led him to full-time ER work. Later taking on the role of National Director of Emergency Services at Thrive, he is actively involved in our hospitals, visiting various Thrive locations to collaborate with practice managers and medical directors. His work focuses on assessing and enhancing team capabilities, aiding in recruitment and assisting with the launch of new locations. His hands-on and interactive approach has made him a pivotal figure in the expansion and success of Thrive's emergency services.

Curt Coffman,

Before specializing in dentistry, Dr. Coffman was an associate and partner in small animal veterinary practice. His interest in dentistry led him to pursue specialty board certification. He completed his residency at Arizona Veterinary Dental Specialists (AVDS), where he is now a partner. Under his guidance, AVDS expanded to four locations in Arizona.

At Thrive, Dr. Coffman initiated the Dental Growth Program, a comprehensive yearlong training to enhance dental skills across the Thrive network. This program offers 30 hours of continuing education and culminates in a hands-on Dental Growth Symposium, empowering participants to become proficient and confident dental practitioners.

Emergency & Critical Care
Kathryn Gates,

Dr. Gates from Auckland, New Zealand, is a Massey University graduate who began her career with an internship at Oklahoma State University, fostering a passion for emergency and critical care (ECC). After completing her residency and becoming a board-certified ECC diplomate, she joined ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals in Los Angeles. Starting as a critical care specialist, she advanced to Medical Director, managing specialty and emergency medicine for over ten years. Dr. Gates played a key role in developing urgent care services to alleviate emergency room overload, focusing on high-quality client service. Currently, she concentrates on improving ECC veterinarian training, emphasizing compassionate pet care and the professional growth of veterinary staff.

House Officer Programs
Leslie Bauer,
DVM, DABVP (Canine & Feline)

Dr. Bauer, a central figure at Thrive Pet Healthcare and Medical Director at Emergency Pet Clinic since 2003, has made significant contributions to veterinary emergency medicine. In 2011, she established the ER Academy at EPC to train recent veterinary graduates in emergency and critical care, enhancing their skills rapidly. This program has expanded across Thrive, with training centers in Colorado, Florida, and South Carolina, focusing on preparing veterinarians for long-term emergency careers.Dr. Bauer's passion for emergency medicine drives her to impart her knowledge to younger veterinarians. She oversees House Office Training Programs at Thrive, including internships and residencies at Thrive hospitals and in partnership with various universities, combining clinical expertise with mentorship in veterinary medicine.

Dani Powers,
Dr. Powers, a graduate of Washington State University, obtained her DVM in 2011. Later, she completed a neurology residency and internship at Seattle Veterinary Specialists in 2015. Her expertise lies in managing neurosurgical spinal emergencies and chronic spinal diseases. She also specializes in treating brain conditions like epilepsy, tumors, and congenital issues. Dr. Powers fosters training and mentorship for aspiring neurologists, recruits top talent, and ensures the well-being of team members to promote their growth and success.
Regenerative, Rehab & Sports Medicine
Sherman O. Canapp Jr.,
Dr. Canapp, a Maryland native and graduate of Kansas State University, holds a DVM and a Masters in Clinical Science in Surgery. After becoming a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, he earned distinction in Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Later, he co-founded the world's first canine-specific sports medicine center, Veterinary Orthopedic Sports Medicine Group (VOSM), now a global entity. Dr. Canapp specializes in translational sports medicine, applying human medical treatments to animals, with a focus on regenerative medicine and minimally invasive surgery. He works extensively with canine athletes and consults for various organizations, including the National Aquarium and National Zoo. On the Specialty Directors board, he plays a key role in training and mentoring future sports medicine specialists.
Rustin Sturgeon,

Dr. Sturgeon, after earning his Bachelors of Science and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University, practiced privately for two years and then spent four years in emergency and critical care. Later, he pursued board certification in ophthalmology and completed his residency at Eye Care for Animals (ECFA), where he has remained for nearly two decades. Dr. Sturgeon actively supports training and mentorship for new veterinary ophthalmologists at Thrive in addition to recruiting top specialists and ensuring the success of team members.

Radiation Oncology
Neal Mauldin,
DVM, DACVR (RO), DACVIM (Oncology and Internal Medicine)

Dr. Mauldin, a renowned veterinary radiation oncologist with triple-board certification, has over 30 years of experience and specializes in stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), handling over 2,000 cases since 2010. He's had prominent roles at VCA Canada Western, Animal Medical Center in NYC, and LSU as an associate professor and head of therapeutic radiology. As the Medical Director of PetCure Oncology, part of Thrive Pet Healthcare, he manages remote treatment planning and telemedicine across eight centers. His research merges high-dose radiation therapy with immunology for tailored treatments. At Thrive, Dr. Mauldin focuses on training, mentoring, and recruiting radiation oncologists, contributing significantly to oncology initiatives.

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Benefits That Go Beyond

Care for pets starts with care for you, professionally and personally. Explore what we have to offer.

Hear From Our Specialists

"I appreciate that my time is being valued here – I can set my personal time and boundaries to get away and recharge. Paid parental leave is another great way our teams feel supported. They know that their family lives are valued as much as their work in the hospital. I believe other organizations should follow our lead."
Dr. Cara Rafanelli
Intern Veterinarian, Elk Grove Veterinary Specialty and Emergency
Dr. Curt Coffman

"Thrive supports an idea that is different so that we can go out into veterinary offices across the network and teach dentistry, which is a subject that's severely under-taught in veterinary schools and technician schools. We've got a lot of work to do, but we're getting there and we're going to get there for dentistry."

Dr. Curt Coffman National Specialty Director of Dentistry, Thrive Pet Healthcare
“Thrive has offered access to a statistician to consult with and help plan how to organize our data prior to collecting it. This can help save time in the future by having the data points collected in a way that allows us to analyze them more easily. It’s great to have the support, and I’m looking forward to more as the project moves forward!”​​​​​​​
Dr. Rachael Loek Clinical Research Resident, Dermatology for Animals
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