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Get hands-on experience across a variety of practice areas as you prepare for your next step.

Wherever You Are, Keep Growing

Mentorship, real-world learning and genuine support are waiting to set you up for success. Whether general practice, specialty, emergency or urgent care — you can find the opportunity that is ideal for you.

Explore Our ​​​​​​​Training Programs
Get hands-on learning, refine your skills and connect with mentors. Choose from nationwide locations providing general practice, specialty, emergency or urgent care. You’ll make valuable connections and prepare to transition smoothly into clinical practice.
Offered at multiple locations across the country, our one-year program provides a strong foundation for a successful career. Through training, development and mentorship, you’ll be equipped to provide high-quality emergency care.
Experience hands-on care for bovine or equine species and delve into practices such as herd health, reproductive management and surgical assistance. Work closely with seasoned professionals to develop a well-rounded skill set in large animal medicine. 
Enrich your expertise in a particular field, paving the way for advanced training or improved skills in the specialty lane of your choice. With dedicated mentorship from board-certified specialists, you’ll sharpen your abilities for the next career step. 
Our dynamic internships provide robust groundwork for entering residency training and seeking specialty board certification. They also equip you for roles in emergency veterinary care or general practice with comprehensive preparation.
Advance as a veterinary specialist by learning and collaborating alongside top experts who are focused on exceptional care. Attain comprehensive clinical and didactic training to ensure success in your chosen specialty and board certification.

Student Ambassadors

You have an opportunity to become a part of the Thrive story. We can help you and your peers create more career opportunities and support your success. 
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With Mentorship,
You're Meant to Thrive

Meet your dedicated mentor through our one-year doctor mentorship program — Meant to Thrive designed for early career veterinarians and those returning to clinical practice or switching lanes in practice who want extra support while pursuing medical excellence. Watch your skills sharpen and your confidence grow while you receive guidance in managing cases, your mental well-being and work-life balance.

Hear From Our Team Members

"When this opportunity came up and I saw how great the communication was, I knew it was a good way to go. I feel like once I started talking with Thrive, it hasn’t really stopped. I’m trying to absorb as much as I can, trying to learn how to be the doctor, be the leader, so it’s nice to get the opportunity to be up close and learn."
Zach Lembersky
Former Vet Extern
“At the Student Ambassador retreat, I learned about how the company tries to support their employees in every way that they can. It makes me hopeful for the future knowing that Thrive is actively trying to make veterinary medicine a better place."
Cierra Lohr Student Ambassador, Kansas State University
"ER Academy interns should be able to walk into any ER clinic in the country and feel confident enough to run the floor and handle any cases that may walk through the door. We also are very focused on the skills of emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and communication that can help prevent burnout and create more well-rounded clinicians."
Dr. Leslie Bauer National Specialty Director of House Officer Programs
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