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From an amazing colleague network, to personalized
​​​​​​​career mobility, to unwavering support, we’re here to 
uplift and champion you (and your medicine).

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Providing care should mean you're being cared for in return.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your well-being, goals, or individuality to provide exceptional care. We take actions to get you what you need to thrive, professionally and personally. You’ll have industry-first, comprehensive benefits, support structures, and learning tools.

Founded by a veterinarian, we truly understand what you and your team face each day, and wholeheartedly believe in your ability to care for animals and the people who love them.
Enabled, not encumbered, to practice your best.
You center yourself around your care, and our actions are centered around you. Through our comprehensive network of experts and resources, you’ll have so much right at your fingertips. ​​​​​​​

Explore veterinarian opportunities by practice area.

General Practice
Use your skills and passion in a supportive environment, where you can work on a diverse case mix. Alongside industry-leading teams and a connective community of pet parents, you'll be able to provide a continuity of care for the pets you love. Plus, flexibility for when you need to recharge.
Urgent Care
Experience the best of both worlds. Build on your skills through more complicated cases while still enjoying a predictable and routine schedule. Collaborate with general practice veterinarians and provide essential support to pets and their owners in urgent need.
From an amazing colleague network, to personalized career mobility, to unwavering support, we're here to uplift and champion you (and your medicine).
At Thrive, you won't feel isolated in your discipline. You'll join a nationwide community of specialized experts who support and connect with each other in their respective disciplines. Team members who know each other and are always willing to lend support, offer advice, or lend a listening ear,
Our Medical Excellence & Education  This platform is designed to support and empower our medical teams with knowledge, tools, and resources to help strengthen, foster, and nurture close collaboration within our medical community, to provide consistent mentorship and support for our medical teams in their professional journey, and to ensure safety for all our patients and team members.
University Relations Creates and evolves partnerships with training institutions to recruit and retain veterinarians and technical support staff. Includes university recruiting activities, externships, Penn Foster Vet Tech Associates Degree Program, and more.
Specialty Directors Board The specialty directors board is comprised of a
board-certified specialist in each lane that supports and fosters community and collaboration and promotes medical education for doctors within each specialty.
Specialty directors also contribute to recruiting, training, mentorship, and much more.
Medical Initiatives Provides a variety of educational programs designed to support the growth and development of our medical team members, including our one-of-a-kind Dental Growth Program, Practice Pearls, technical support staff training program, and Fear Free Certification Program.
Team and Patient Safety (TAPS) Committee The TAPS team provides resources and guidance to our hospitals to ensure a safe workplace for our people and patients. From veterinary medical standards and case review to controlled substance policies, anesthesia and radiation safety, and OSHA compliance, the TAPS Committee provides guidelines and support.
Clinical Research Committee Provides support to hospitals who currently have or would like to initiate clinical research trials.
Ecosystem Growth Creates and expands opportunities to develop our network of pet care, exploring innovative ways our network can be used to support our team members and the pet parents they serve.
Doctor Mentorship Committee A one-of-a-kind graduate mentorship program designed to improve doctor experience and foster retention through collaborative, veterinarian-to-veterinarian support.
House Officer Steering Committee Provides support to hospitals who currently have or would like to establish training programs for interns and residents.
An exceptional community of peers.
Our veterinarians form a vast peer network of multi-disciplinary experts. No matter your expertise or career stage, you’ll have someone to reach out to and lean on to get the job done, and done well. These skilled, bright, and caring individuals are there to bolster your professional and personal wellbeing at every step. 
Uplifted to feel your best.
As a veterinarian you put so much of yourself into your work. Your time, your wellbeing, and your career is important, and you'll have the resources you need so that you can refocus on yourself. Your wellbeing is a cornerstone in everything we do.
Prioritizing your mental health.
We understand the challenges veterinarians face every day. To help rebalance and recharge, at Thrive Pet Healthcare you’ll have access to meaningful programs, resources, scheduling options, and supportive benefits centered around nurturing your mental health.
  • QPR Gatekeeper certification: Offered as a first step in suicide prevention, this course provides all of us with methods of offering hope to those in crisis through positive action.  
Balance & flexibility in work and life.
Everyday you put pets and your teams first, we help you put yourself first too. At Thrive Pet Healthcare, you’ll have the support and resources you need to find balance, in and outside of work. We provide a structure of flexible scheduling, option of 3-5 day work weeks, time off, and benefits that allow you to take the time you need. 
Benefit for, and from, your contributions.
You became a veterinarian to help pets, and you work hard to provide them the best care. We want you to participate in the success you create, because while it is not why you joined this profession, financial stability is important. We offer a progressive compensation model that includes an incentive plan and competitive base salaries with production compensation opportunities. Plus, no negative accrual.

Personalized career growth and learning.

Career mobility individualized to fit you.
Our network of hospitals provides exceptional career mobility where you can move however is best for your career, life, and wellbeing. With 350+ locations and a wealth of programs and support, your future is wide open – whether it leads you into a new modality, specialty, location, or leadership.  
Best-in-class training engine and platform.
You’ll have customizable learning with access to our expansive, top-notch development and training engine, ThriveU. Encompassing both formal and hands-on options, we provide a plethora of education tools including CE libraries, mentorship, leadership training, industry-leading programs, and more. 
The Medical Excellence and Education Platform
Consisting of eight different lanes developed to help our teams and hospitals thrive, five of which are specially centered around Veterinarians.​​​​​​​
  1. Medical Initiatives Program 
  2. Clinical Research Committee 
  3. Specialty Director Board: The specialty directors board is comprised of a board-certified specialist in each lane that supports and fosters community and collaboration and promotes medical education for doctors within each specialty.
  4. ​​​​​​​House Officer Training Program: Provides support to hospitals who currently have or would like to establish training programs for interns and residents.
  5. Doctor Mentorship Program: A structured program including training on medical topics, communication, leadership, & wellness.  
    • In-house Mentorship: This mentorship is supported by a structured curriculum, mentor-mentee agreement, CE, and monthly check-ins
    • Weekly topic discussions: Interactive group conversations around key topics that are critical to your development as a doctor-leader in your practice.
    • On-demand mentorship: A large group of seasoned veterinarians across all fields who are available to all mentees by call, text, or email at any time. They are there to provide ample support and consult on your real-time clinical cases with guidance and direction.

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Students & New Grads 
(and anyone who wants to learn).

You’ve started an incredible journey toward following your passion and changing the lives of both people and animals. Each of our people-first programs are designed to grow more than just your clinical skills. They also build essential connections and life skills so that when it’s time to fly solo, you are fully prepared for the career ahead. 
  • Build confidence and competence under the supervision of a senior, in-house doctor
  • Benefit from personal mentorship as you begin to navigate the often-overwhelming field
  • Develop connections within the industry that can help provide opportunities later in your career
  • Gain an opportunity to ‘sample’ specialty areas and find your field of passion Show recruiters or application reviewers that you have gone above and beyond standard education levels​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  • Complete an essential step in pursuing board certification within your chosen specialty
You want to apply your education in an engaging and inspiring way. Here you'll be able to hone your skills with direct, engaged supervision and bring your education to life! Experience unparalleled personal and professional growth with an externship in one of our incredible hospitals.

Interested in a Thrive Pet Healthcare externship experience? 

Apply here!
  • Nationwide Locations: With 60 locations across the country offering Externships, you're never far from a powerful learning opportunity and can choose to explore a new city or stay close to home. 
  • Practice Variety: Thrive Pet Healthcare Externships allow you to experience growth in the field of your choice. General practices, emergency veterinary hospitals, and specialty veterinary clinics await you!
  • Patient Variety: You can work with more than just dogs and cats - we provide you the opportunity to see all species including horses, food animals, and exotics. 
  • Unparalleled Support: Our hands-on mentors are here to support you both academically and personally. Through our externships, you will gain close, professional connections within our expansive network to help open doors as you begin your journey into clinic life. 
  • Free Housing! We want you to focus on growing your skill-set and enriching your education, so many of our Thrive externship practices offer housing assistance to help make the experience as easy as possible! 
We understand that you need your journey to match your career goals. Our internships provide the perfect environment to cultivate your skills, discover your passions, and gain hands-on experience after graduation. Check out the diverse range of internship opportunities we offer below. Join us and take the first step towards achieving your career aspirations.

Internship programs are not currently regulated or accredited by any governing body in this country, so the quality and structure of training and mentoring for each program listed on the Match website can vary significantly. However, at Thrive Pet Healthcare, our House Officer Program Steering Committee is developing standardized training structures and experiences across all our programs. This means that no matter which hospital you train at, you will receive the same high-quality level of mentorship, education, and hands-on training as you would at any of our other sites.

Start your internship journey today by participating in one of our many programs.
  • Small Animal Rotating
  • Emergency (ER) Program/Academy
  • Equine
Interested in a specialized internship? We offer:

  • Surgery 
  • Dermatology 
  • Surgery
  • Sports Medicine & Rehab 
  • Small Animal Surgical
  • Small Animal Internal Medicine
  • Neurology

Your journey is an important one, both for you and for the animals and clients you’ll serve. At Thrive, we believe in lifelong learning and support at all stages of your training, meaning you'll get exposure to a plethora of growth opportunities, ranging from clinical to leadership and emotional intelligence workshops. Our hospital teams support the everyday specialty mentorship. They partner with other Thrive hospitals for valuable out-rotations. And all of us have the support of the incredible Thrive U resources, offering a wide range of RACE-certified courses, free to all of our Thrive team members.
In addition to our own private practice residencies at Thrive Pet Healthcare hospitals, we also partner with university veterinary hospitals to sponsor residencies in a variety of specialties each year.

  • Cardiology
  • Dentistry/Oral Surgery – SA & Equine
  • Dermatology
  • Emergency & Critical Care
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Radiology
  • Sports Med/Rehabilitation
  • Surgery
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